Lip filler involve a hyaluronic acid-based injection to alter the size and contour of the lips temporarily or permanently. This treatment is bespoke and personalized to your desired results, whether that’s to increase the volume or define the lip contour.


Lip enhancement can increase the fullness and definition of your lips, giving you a more attractive and youthful appearance as well as a more defined smile. It can also aid in the upward turn of the mouth's corners. The procedure can be personalized to your specific needs, giving you a natural or larger appearance.


  • Improve shape, boost volume

  • Safe procedure, natural results

  • Instant results with minimal downtime


This non-surgical treatment boosts volume and shape to the lips with minimal downtime. As we age, not just the face but also the lips lose volume, becoming thinner and dry. Overlying wrinkles can also occur, resulting in a tired, aged appearance.

Lip fillers are a safe and well-recognised method to reverse these symptoms of ageing, resulting in smoother lips and a younger appearance.


Procedure time

30 -60 min



None or minimal


Duration of results

6-12 months


Prior to the treatment

A topical anesthetic will be applied 15-30 minutes prior to treatment to numb the area.

During the Treatment

A series of small injections will be applied on the lips and the doctor will massage the area treated to smoothen the product. The lip area is quite sensitive and our filler products contain an additional local anaesthetic to help minimise any discomfort. During the treatment, and as the results are instant, you will be able to discuss with the doctor if any additional product is required at certain areas.

After the Treatment

You should avoid touching or applying make up for 6 hours to prevent infection. Specific post-procedure care instructions will be given to you on the day of your visit.